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What Our Client says

  • "Digital Signature solution in SAP as implemented by ITEANZ brings seamless process of signing in mass, the customer invoices and statements generated and signed in SAP ,controlled with proper authorization control with a complete signing log thereby also enabling the mails to customers and other business recipients. This has certainly increased the business productivity and customer satisfaction with a reduced Turn around time."
    Chandan Burnwal, Head, Center of Excellence, Kalpataru Limited
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Annual Maintenance Support (AMS)

The basic AMS Model includes On-Site, Off-Shore and On-Demand in Industry practices. Iteanz Technologies provides all three Support Models in domestic and aboard.

Iteanz Technologies AMS is described with the following sections as below:

  • Support Work Model,
  • Support Desk Tool,
  • Roles and Responsibilities of ITEANZ TECHNOLOGIES,
  • Scope of the Support Engagement,
  • Benefits of Outsourcing Support to ITEANZ TECHNOLOGIES, and

Iteanz Technologies would like to provide very flexible and effective Support Model for Customers.

Support Work Model:

Iteanz Technologies will allocate a SAP Project Team, specifically for Individual/ multiple Customer(s), project team which will consist of

  • Project manager
  • Functional Lead
  • Technical Lead
  • Basis Lead and
  • Consultants

q The whole project is being managed & monitored by a Project Manager to ensure customer gets the Support in such a way that the Business is not affected, it improves the Business Operation’s and increases the efficiency of IT usage.

q Functional and Technical leads assesses the support tickets/ issues and provides required solutions to consultants/ users for all complex issues where consultant couldn’t find suitable solution.

q Leads to interact with users/ managers for requirement understanding and visit Customer for meetings whenever required.

Leads to audit all the completed work as a Quality Inspection before releasing the work to customer, and ensure documentations for the configuration/ developments changes as follows:

  • Functional/ Configuration document
  • Technical document
  • Test Case document
  • UAT document (provided by end user) and
  • Risk/ Impact assessment document

Without the above documents, SAP Transports will not be approved to Production.

ITEANZ is following the policy of maintaining Documentations with all its clients as a Practice and ISO recommendations. Documentations are necessary for System Trace and KT purposes.

Support Desk Tool:

In order to handle the support very efficiently, Iteanz Technologies, uses Support Desk Tool to record issues as “Support Message”.

Each Support Messages are Categories as below:

  • User Access & Authorization
  • Configuration Changes
  • Problem (System & Application Error)
  • Change Request- FRICEW
  • New Development

and each Support Messages are Prioritized as with a Priority as below:

  • Very High,
  • High,
  • Medium, and
  • Low

q Users can report their Issues/ Requirement via Support Desk Tool, which will be linked to all SAP Systems, wherein Support Messages can be created with a unique number, system will alert “Support Desk” immediately by email notification.

q “Support Desk” will analyze the message and assign it to an appropriate Consultant by “Module Wise” to solve the issue. Support Message’s “Status” is updated according to the processing stages, ITEANZ Support Message status are:

  • New
  • In Process
  • Solution Proposed
  • Customer Action
  • Completed

q Users are provided with an option “Feedback” to comment/ rate on the quality of the Support Message resolution, Satisfaction level of the Solution provided and User friendly interaction by Consultants etc.

q Each Support Messages are attended by Consultants as per the agreed “Service Level Agreement (SLA)” timelines, SLA timelines are strategically defined as a “SLA Matrix”, in combination with Category and Priority (Category VS Priority).

q The support Desk tool could be customer’s existing IT Support Tool or Iteanz Technologies Support Desk Tool powered by SAP Solution Manager.

q ITEANZ recommends Customer to Implement “Support Desk” using SAP Solution manager as Solution Manager Server is installed and running.

q SAP Solution Manager can be used for multiple purposes such as Project Management, Support Desk, Early Watch Alert, Maintain SAP Landscape, and Business Process Monitoring etc.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Complete responsibility of your SAP IT Infrastructure (Software),

2. Provide Resolution to all Support Messages as per agreed SLA timelines,

3. Provide solutions to reported issues under category:

  • User Access & Authorization
  • Configuration Changes
  • Problem (System & Application Error)
  • Change Request- FRICEW
  • New Development (major development will attracts separate cost)

4. SAP Systems Maintenance – Software Updates

5. SAP Applications Maintenance – Software Updates & Performance

6. Increase SAP Systems Usage – Recommendations & Process re-engineering

7. SAP Training – Periodic Training & Knowledge sharing for End users & New joiners

8. Quality Audit for each SAP Transports, and ensure Functional, Technical, Test Case, User Acceptance Test (UAT) Documentations for System Trace and Knowledge Management (Necessary for System Analysis & KT),

9. Weekly Support Review,

10. Monthly Reports on Support Functions for Workload and Performance monitoring, Graphical report by Module and Status wise to assess workload and balance work plan, and

11. SAP Enterprise Support coordination (OSS).

Support Benefits:

Ø Easy Access to SAP Resources

§ Skilled SAP Consultants and necessary SAP Resources are easily accessible to Customer from ITEANZ.

§ Access to ITEANZ Solution Database for all common issues

§ Up to date SAP Software Updates & News available to Customer via ITEANZ.

Ø SAP Systems Utilization & Process Improvement

§ Utilization of your SAP Systems are improved by efficient Support & Flexible adaptation of changes/ enhancements for Process Improvement.

§ As a VENDOR and Organizational Responsibility, we are accountable to ensure all Support Issues are resolved as per the agreed SLA timelines for uninterrupted Business Operations.

§ Recommendation to Process Improvements and Implement Solutions for “New developments” messages (Major development will attract separate Cost)

Ø Better RoI on SAP Investment

§ SAP Systems and Applications are regularly maintained and new functionalities are recommended without much additional cost to increase your utilization from initial SAP investments.

Ø Complimentary Solutions

§ ITEANZ TECHNOLOGIES will implement one Complimentary Solution for each Quarter:

To be filled according to customer’s business nature.

ITEANZ will implement these Solutions as a complete package @ No additional Cost, one at each Quarter.

Ø Cost Reduction

§ It’s a proven fact that any Customer can reduce their Operational Cost by outsourcing the Support Functions to third party vendor instead of handling it on their own.

§ No separate allowances to be paid for third party Consultants & No reimbursement.

§ Your SAP Team’s wages will get increased by every year as part of appraisal and revisions, which leads to increase in IT budget every year.

§ Reduction of Operational Cost of the SAP Support Team’s logistics such as laptops, telephone, internet and work station etc.

Ø Reduced IT Operational Risk

§ SAP Systems are regularly maintained and operational issues are solved by ITEANZ TECHNOLOGIES

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