SAP Cloud Connector

SAP HANA Cloud connector connects between on-demand applications in SAP HANA Cloud Platform and existing on-premise systems.

SAP Connectivity service's cloud connector

SAP HANA Cloud connector connects between on-demand applications in SAP HANA Cloud Platform and existing on-premise systems. The Cloud connector runs as on-premise agent in a secured network and acts as a reverse invoke proxy between the on-premise network and SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Due to its reverse invoke support, the configuration is not required in the on-premise firewall to allow external access from the cloud to internal systems.

The Cloud connector provides control over:

  • On-premise systems and resources (HTTP or RFC) that shall be accessible by cloud applications.
  • Cloud applications that shall make use of the Cloud connector.

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examples of business process/integrations/functionality that Cloud Connector enables achieve with the SAP Cloud.

  • Extend a business process: There is functionality that an on-premise product doesn’t cover and you can develop a custom application to cover the functionality missing. Maybe use SAP Graph to retrieve the data from the on-premise SAP S/4HANA. The custom application can be hosted in SAP BTP and it can communicate with the on-premise system to retrieve the data it needs.
  • Allow communication between SAP Cloud products to internal systems: SAP Ariba offers an integration capability called SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway, which uses Cloud Connector to communicate your internal systems. Various SAP BTP services, e.g. SAP Asset Manager, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP Cloud Integration, allow connecting the service to internal systems.
  • Integrate your on-premise systems with cloud applications: Using Cloud Integration, part of SAP Integration Suite, we can create integrations between cloud applications and many types of internal systems that communicate through different protocols, e.g. OData, HTTP, LDAP, Mail, SFTP. Cloud Integration can be configured so that it can connect to these on-premise systems.
  • Expose internal APIs to the internet: SAP API Management, part of the SAP Integration Suite, can utilise Cloud Connector to expose internal APIs, in a secure/controlled way, to the internet. This way we can enable external parties/business partners to communicate with your systems via this secure API Gateway.
Data processing
  • Replicate/virtualise data from an on-premise database to the cloud: Cloud Connector enables connecting SAP HANA with the cloud. An SAP HANA database can replicate/virtualise data from SAP HANA on-premise to SAP HANA Cloud. This is a way of making your data available in the cloud environment.
  • Move large amounts of data: SAP Data Intelligence can communicate with internal systems, via Cloud Connector, to retrieve data and send it to other data products, e.g. SAP Data warehouse Cloud, SAP HANA Cloud, for further processing/analysis.

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