RISE With SAP: Unlocking New Business Value in the Cloud

RISE With SAP: Unlocking New Business Value in the Cloud

In a contactless pandemic and post-pandemic Era, the majority of interactivity between peoples must take place virtually. It also effect on accelerating technology and business models including SAP. SAP is rising to the challenge with rapid innovation to accomplish the digital transformation needs of its customers. Therefore, understanding the RISE with SAP offering helps you explore further and tap the opportunities available in this ecosystem.

What is RISE with SAP?

The RISE with SAP offering is based on a completely new concept to revolutionize business transformation and help customers continuously unlock new ways of running their business in the cloud to stay ahead in their industry.

Every enterprise needs to develop new business models to avoid being disrupted, gain efficiencies to fund innovation, and transform mission-critical systems without business risk. RISE with SAP is the solution.

How Rise with SAP Helps

How Rise with SAP Helps

Our comprehensive, intelligent, and customer-specific offering includes five core elements to help you achieve digital transformation

  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • Business Process Intelligence
  • Technology Cloud Credits
  • SAP Business Network Starter Pack
  • Embedded Tools and Services (SAP Readiness Check, Custom Code Migration App, SAP Cloud ALM, SAP Enable Now)
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Guiding Our Customers’ Business Transformations

Transformation is more than a technical migration to the cloud. It requires a redesign of an organization’s business processes and rapid deployment of new technologies that unlock new ways of running the business. RISE with SAP brings together what is needed to transform your business in a way that works best for you, regardless of where you’re starting from or how fast you want to go.

RISE with SAP provides customers with a guided journey that offers a holistic transformation to an intelligent enterprise on your terms and your timeline, offering you a host of benefits.

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Premier Value

RISE with SAP helps you truly transform every aspect of your business to become more resilient, profitable, and sustainable, with accelerated value but without high up-front investments. Your organization can empower its people, elevate decision making, and realize the value of its investment sooner, with a reduction in TCO of up to 20% over five years for SAP S/4HANA® Cloud compared to a traditional ERP deployment.

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Guided Journey

Every customer has a unique starting point. The RISE with SAP offering supports you on each step of your journey to an intelligent enterprise, from analyzing and bench marking business processes to recommending where to focus first. Together with a global ecosystem of implementation partners, we can then provide support as you migrate your current ERP environment with tailored training, tools, and services.

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Simplified Engagement

True business transformation requires simplicity. RISE with SAP removes complexity from the transformation journey by delivering all the core elements  including a choice of leading cloud infrastructures in one bundle without high up-front investments. A single company takes over responsibility for the

service-level agreement, operations, and issue management for additional simplification.

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Accelerating Your Intelligent Enterprise Journey With Iteanz

The key to becoming an intelligent enterprise is a successful digital transformation. Intelligent enterprises have integrated business processes and use advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and the Internet of Things to drive leading-edge industry best practices.

Running an intelligent enterprise enables organizations to become more resilient and better able to adapt, innovate, and overcome challenges. It helps them become more profitable, run efficiently and sustainably, and drive long-term growth.

Businesses need an intelligent enterprise strategy to chart their course to success. SAP and AWS share a commitment to provide you with a straightforward path to the cloud to unlock greater agility, efficiency, and innovation across your organization.

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