RISE with SAP: Driving Business Innovation Together

Today's businesses must innovate to survive

Increasingly, digital disruption is often the root cause of Fortune 500 companies going out of business. This harsh reality has made innovation the fuel for differentiation and business success. Digital technologies such as the cloud are the key innovation enablers, offering new ways to drive revenue, gain efficiencies, and modernize IT.

But adopting innovative technology requires a different strategy and an adaptable, scalable architecture built for automated intelligence, real-time insight, and industry differentiation. This is critical, as the right technology innovations can enable faster innovation and growth today and tomorrow. Consider how digital-first businesses like Uber and Airbnb have reached billion-dollar valuations in just a few years, compared to traditional Fortune 500 firms that took decades.

The RISE with SAP solution can help you become an intelligent, sustainable enterprise in the cloud. It bundles the applications, platforms, tools, and services you need to adopt continuous business innovation offered by the cloud. It can help you re-imagine business models and business processes, connect to business networks, and facilitate compliance. It helps you to reach the cloud without compromise by reducing missioncritical risk. And at every step, SAP and our partners meet you where you are with your IT landscape, using a guided journey to help secure your success.

A Complete Approach to Business Innovation

Today, business innovation relies on the speed and agility of the cloud. According to top analysts, exponential increases in business value over the next decade will be enabled by cloud adoption. This value will come from business innovation and optimization, not cost reductions. At the same time, we know that to survive and grow in the digital economy, transformation is required.

That’s why RISE with SAP provides a modern solution that unlocks innovation while delivering robust, mission-critical capabilities needed to achieve new strategic priorities. Companies focused on developing new business models can use it to avoid disruption. They can create new revenue streams and drive operational efficiencies to reinvest in growth and create competitive advantage – for example, by using embedded AI for process automation and innovation. And they can modernize mission critical systems without disruption by avoiding the high cost of IT downtime that can come with every digital transformation effort.

With RISE with SAP, SAP is responsible for the holistic service-level agreement, cloud operations, and technical support. SAP also provides:

  • Cloud ERP for virtually every business need
  • Industry next practices and extensibility
  • Business platform and analytics
  • Business process intelligence
  • Outcome-driven services from SAP and partners

As shown in Figure 1, the RISE with SAP solution includes key products, services, and tools to help you deliver on your cloud-enabled digital transformation.

Take the Lead with Industry Innovation

To survive and thrive, you need to grow revenues by quickly creating differentiating business models in your industry. RISE with SAP empowers you to do this with speed and minimal risk. For example, maybe your business wants to set up a subscription- or usage-based business model to drive new revenues.

RISE with SAP helps by providing a comprehensive subscription management solution for responding to individual customer requirements; managing complex orders, billing, revenue, and pricing; and handling revenue recognition and financial representation. You can also run simulations to reduce customer churn by up to 20%.

At the same time, RISE with SAP unlocks new operational efficiencies by embedding intelligent automation across mission-critical processes. For example, using predictive finance capabilities, you can simulate future bookings to forecast your financial close, anticipate issues, course-correct to avoid them, and reduce finance cost by up to 20%.

You can also increase margin using built-in industry-specific processes and best practices that run in the cloud. For example, professional services firms can increase project profit margins by up to 5% using digital contract-to-cash capabilities.3 And retailers can connect digital and physical channels for merchandising process, promotions, and returns processing for a comprehensive customer experience.


With RISE with SAP, you can also increase margin by harnessing built-in, industry-specific processes and industry next practices running in the cloud. For example, to expand business innovation for competitive advantage, you can leverage digital contract-to-cash processes to provision industry specific solutions – and boost project profit margins by up to 5%.


Finally, you gain the transparency and controls to manage sustainability company wide. For example, you can understand the consequences of business actions by adding environmental, social, and governance visibility to financial reporting through embedded, validated, and real-time data. You can differentiate products and services and reduce your carbon footprint and waste using embedded sustainability insights into industry-specific processes. And using auditable, instant reporting and analysis, you can protect your brand and meet increasing stakeholder and regulatory disclosure demands.

Never Stop Improving with Continuous Process Insights

Before you can start improving processes, you need transparency across your process landscape and insights to identify and prioritize optimization opportunities. RISE with SAP delivers both from day one so you know where to prioritize investment and when.


To speed up process improvements, the solution uses instant analysis of processes, activities, and tasks to help you prioritize optimization opportunities. Using pre-delivered metrics, process flows, and business process mining, you gain business process insights to understand improvement opportunities. For example, business process insights based on predefined metrics and process flows  combined with instant, in-depth analysis of your processes, activities, tasks, and KPI’s – enable you to proactively identify, recommend, and prioritize optimization opportunities. Using a central process management platform, you can share them with decision-makers, business professionals, and IT experts.

Going forward, you can sharpen process performance based on actual system usage, best practices, and industry bench marking. Leveraging collaborative process and journey modeling, you can empower your organization to design more effective customer journeys and associated business processes based on a leading modeling standard.


Finally, you can accelerate your processes using tailored, AI-enabled insights into where to automate business processes. As a result, you can deliver change where it matters most by narrowing down where to focus and using powerful drill-down capabilities to precisely understand process where issues and inefficiencies occur. At the same time, you can increase agility and reduce time to adapt by leveraging experience-driven insights into your business processes.

Secure Your Success with a Trusted Partner for Your Business Needs

Benefits Solution Objectives Quick Facts SAP Solution Brief With RISE with SAP, you can swiftly adopt the innovations and cloud-enabled, trusted systems needed to run mission-critical operations at global scale. SAP becomes your trusted partner, helping you run your best with confidence by leveraging our 50 years of proven business process experience, more than 60 country localizations, and support for over 35 languages.

Leveraging cloud solutions from SAP – which support nearly every line of business and regulatory requirement – you can reach the cloud without compromise. Our solutions for 25 industries allow you to innovate across core business areas, including finance, CRM and customer experience, spend management, supply chain management, and human capital management. As things change, you can take charge using our versatile platform that speeds innovation. For example, you can quickly compose innovative, comprehensive processes thanks to the solution’s low-code, no-code experience. RISE with SAP even includes optional extensions such as in-app and side-by-side extensibilities, integrated workflows, and a business rule engine.

At every step, leverage our partner ecosystem to drive business innovation. With more than 18,500 service professionals from SAP and over 22,500 partners in over 140 countries, we can guide you to the future you envision for your business.

Realize the Benefits

The comprehensive nature of the RISE with SAP solution is designed to help businesses achieve a shared goal: driving cloud-enabled business innovation by developing differentiating business models, generating new efficiencies to reinvest in growth, and modernizing mission-critical processes without risk. As a result, you can grow revenues faster, increase margins, unlock new efficiencies, and operate more sustainably.

Armed with continuous insights and AI–enabled recommendations on where to improve, you can proactively optimize business processes. For example, instant, tailored insights help you prioritize and automate what’s most important. And leveraging metrics tied to usage, best practices, and benchmarks, you can sharpen process performance.

And finally, with RISE with SAP, you have SAP experts and our vast global partner network to help secure your success. We’ll walk with you on your journey to the cloud, helping you run operations at global scale, reach the cloud without compromise, and take charge of change and innovation using a versatile platform for speedier innovation.

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