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Mobile Solutions from SAP and Partners to Address Supply Chain Issues

The issues facing today’s supply chains will be overcome in a way never before possible via mobile solutions. The first SAP Mobile Day in Munich, Germany, featured a thorough discussion between SAP and more than 40 clients and partners.

Enhance the degree of digitalization

The SAP team carefully examined the available options. The team’s objective, according to Florian Heretsch, vice president and head of Mobile Experience & Engineering at SAP, is to develop native mobile apps that users enjoy using and don’t need any special training to use. “All of SAP’s business apps perform the same functions that users would expect from a social media or weather app. We have taken a comprehensive look at what people actually require to complete their work, he said: a straightforward and attractive user experience, the most recent native cross-device features, and the quickest, most user-friendly technology. A new mobile app suite created in collaboration with partners like Apple and Scandit is the end result.

The vice president of product, chief technology officer, and co-founder of Scandit, Christian Floerkemeier, added to the significance of user experience: “With employee expectations rising, user centricity is crucial. By offloading laborious tasks to technology, smart data capture, such as automating the scanning of products, empowers workers. By receiving the appropriate data in real time to enable informed decisions, workers can upskill while simultaneously reducing errors, saving time, and increasing job satisfaction.

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