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Inclusive Fashion Honors People’s Differences

The connection between SAP and Runway of Dreams, a non-profit foundation focused on inclusion, acceptance, and opportunity in the fashion business for individuals with disabilities, is built on purposeful innovation. As a fashion designer and the mother of an 18-year-old boy with muscular dystrophy, Mindy Scheier was inspired by her son’s dressing routine, which served as a daily reminder of what he couldn’t readily do, such as fastening buttons and zippers, putting on shoes, or tying laces.

Building an Ecosystem of Changemakers

Runway of Dreams creates programs and events that celebrate people’s uniqueness by showcasing the power of collaboration across industrial ecosystems through fashion shows. Unlike traditional runway events with a single fashion designer, Runway of Dreams fashion shows feature clothing developed specifically for people with impairments. Scheier is also the founder and CEO of GAMUT Management, the first consulting firm to solely work with and for individuals with disabilities.

Mindset for Industry Differentiation in the Future

The fashion industry is just one example of how SAP assists customers in staying one step ahead of market dynamics where industries are converging, embedded artificial intelligence (AI) is a must-have technology, and partner ecosystems are critical for business growth.

Industry Convergence Transforms CX

Denecken used the event’s centerpiece “farm to consume” digital showcase to demonstrate how convergence is rapidly altering sectors, erasing barriers between traditional value chains for sustainable, intelligent, and networked business. This improves the consumer experience and contributes to the development of the circular economy.

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