How Retailers Drive Brand Loyalty Using Sustainability & Contemporary Marketing

120 truckloads of clothing will have been burned or dumped in a landfill between now and the time you finish reading this story.

The fashion sector generates a substantial amount of waste and contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. Despite efforts to recycle unwanted shoes, a research indicated that the footwear industry alone is responsible for 1.4% of global greenhouse gas emissions and that 90% of shoes eventually end up in a landfill.

A Global Reckoning Awaits the Fashion Industry

A burgeoning market for environmentally friendly shoes and clothing is being created as consumers, investors, and governments finally recognise the connection between fashion and the negative effects of climate change.

At SAP, we think ethical, sustainable, and mindful fashion is the way of the future.

The Sustainable, Modern Retailer: Who Are They?

Sustainable merchants look for strategies to recognise and attract clients that are looking for environmentally friendly products. By providing more information on specific product life cycles, sustainable business practises assist merchants in standing out from the competition and winning over customer loyalty.

As more shops prioritise sustainability throughout their operations, they must also go above and beyond to provide their environmentally concerned customers with first-rate experiences. Sustainable fashion businesses can create enduring, long-term customer relationships by providing their customers with what they want – perhaps even before they are aware of it – in original and creative ways, through hyper personalization, seamless omnichannel shopping, and distinctive in-person experiences.

In order to stand out from the crowd, how can fashion stores use data-driven insights and predictive systems? Hyper personalization comes first.

By Increasing Marketing Personalization, You Can Attract Interest

Seventy-one percent of consumers say it is frustrating when businesses do not provide personalised experiences, and a comparable percentage say they expect it. Simple segmentation targeting will no longer be sufficient to add value for customers. Customers want and anticipate proactive, individualised interactions at every touchpoint. Retailers can now deliver personalised, real-time engagements at scale to increase client lifetime value and turn consumers into devoted lifelong customers thanks to technological advancements like SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement.

How to Build a Loyal Customer Base
A devoted customer base is built on seamless omnichannel shopping, insight-driven personalization, and engaging in-store experiences, which also result in growth and profitability. S.Fashion is a good example of a company that personalizes customer interactions, integrates online and offline interactions, and organizes sustainable fashion shows and sneaker customization events to promote their brand and increase sales.

News Source : SAP News

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