Digital marketplaces are the future of commerce, according to a new survey

The results of a survey conducted by SAP SE shed light on the trends, opportunities, and difficulties that are influencing the B2B enterprise software purchase.

Enhance the degree of digitalization

The results of the Futurum Research and SAP-sponsored poll titled “2022 B2B Digital Buyers’ Journey: Forces Shaping the Future of Enterprise Procurement” break down the factors influencing both the demand for and the method of purchasing enterprise software.

The poll, which also served as a follow-up to the “2019 B2B Digital Buyers’ Journey: Trends, Challenges and Predictions,” received responses from about 1,000 B2B decision-makers from small to enterprise-level firms across nine key industries.

The new report’s significant findings are as follows:

  • The kind of software that businesses must purchase changes along with the needs of the industry.
  • 89% of the firms who responded report having altered their business model in the previous two years, with 39% describing the change as significant.
  • 41% of responding firms claim that over the previous two years, their needs for software or solutions have significantly altered.
  • 78% of the people we surveyed said they’re searching for ways to make the procurement process more efficient, while 27% claim that their existing procedure never or only sporadically works as well as it formerly did.

The future of procurement is digital.

  • By 2024, the majority of procurement professionals (54%) intend to perform most of their shopping online, either through a vendor’s website or a virtual marketplace.
  • One-stop shopping for numerous suppliers was rated as the most crucial element in a digital marketplace by 44% of respondents.
  • 16% of respondents said they planned to buy at least half of their business software from an online store.

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