Manage the Processes That Differentiate Your Business with Extended Solutions

Tap into the Heart of the Intelligent Enterprise on Your Terms

Adapting business models and innovating faster than the competition are critical to every company’s success. As part of the RISE with SAP offering, SAP S/4HANA® Cloud provides extended solutions that empower organizations to transform at their pace and run complete business processes that are unified with data-driven intelligence, predictive processes, and real-time insight.

A company’s path to becoming an intelligent enterprise is as unique as its ability to turn a small point of differentiation into a clear competitive advantage. But exposed weaknesses in existing business models, supply chain operations, and information systems can threaten progress and limit sustainable growth.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud bridges your technology and process gaps to unlock the heart of an intelligent enterprise. The cloud-based, modern ERP software offers the modularity to increase agility, flexibility, and speed to value to optimize your supply chain and help you stay ahead of the competition.

With SAP S/4HANA Cloud and the SAP HANA® database, you can move from a deep and extensive legacy ERP landscape to Intelligent ERP. This approach enables your supply chain organization to adapt business models quickly and identify new ways to capture the attention of customers, build products that they love, and encourage repeat business.

Build Resiliency into Business Operations

While the need for business resilience has been a consistent rallying cry, achieving it doesn’t happen on its own. Companies must acquire the capabilities to sense changes quickly, pivot with agility, and deliver value nearly immediately. But most of all, organizations must prioritize technologies and apply them to areas that need the most improvement.

This reckoning is inspiring organizations to make incremental changes at a speed that best suits their strategic needs, customer and stakeholder expectations, and timelines. For many SAP customers, SAP S/4HANA Cloud is the answer to supporting their transformation strategy with data integrity, increased efficiency, and integrated collaboration.

For example, product managers can help ensure the delivery of high-quality, exceptional products by collecting user feedback to prioritize product requirements and improve design quality. Planners can gain a synchronized view across the plan-to fulfill process to optimize the supply chain network. Managers can tap process automation for comprehensive asset documentation and foster productive collaboration between suppliers and dealers.

Engage a Well-Paced Approach to Business Transformation

Planning for the continuous evolution of any part of a company – let alone a single business function  requires more than new ways to get work done and keep people engaged. It calls for organizational readiness and a focused mindset to embrace redesigned enterprise plans and processes, new technologies, and innovative thinking.

RISE with SAP presents a well-paced approach to true supply chain transformation. You can choose from various digital capabilities and services based on your specific business needs, digital maturity, and timeline. An ecosystem of partners is also available to guide your journey down paths that reflect your situation today and your vision for tomorrow.

At the heart of RISE with SAP is SAP S/4HANA Cloud, providing an integrated suite of core and extended solutions that drive greater value throughout our customers’ transformation journey. Solutions that address critical topics such as billing and revenue management, manufacturing planning and scheduling, production engineering and operations, transportation management, extended warehouse management, and service parts planning can be implemented incrementally as business requirements evolve.

Control Your Transformation with the Freedom of Choice

Intelligent enterprises are integrated enterprises and many paths can take you to this ultimate goal. Depending on your area of need, extended solutions available in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud suite are designed to help you run resilient and sustainable operations, including your supply chain.

With the modularity and interoperability of the solutions, you can quickly apply essential capabilities to address immediate disruption and threats and focus on immediate needs such as business model innovation, industry extensions, and line-of business functions. The user experience benefits from smooth, cross-functional integration vertically and horizontally for end-to-end scenarios, accelerating time to value along the complete value chain. Extended solutions from SAP S/4HANA Cloud can be deployed independently from other solution implementations. In return, you can use them as stepping-stones to a broader enterprise transformation journey while you focus on more immediate needs.

For example, supply chain organizations can avoid one-to-one integrations with trading partners by bringing points of integration together in one place. SAP® Business Network connects with existing procurement, logistics, asset, and industry-specific networks and could be extended to link to more networks in the future. With each additional extended solution, your business operation becomes more agile and predictive.

Accelerate the Promise of a Resilient Business Model

Businesses worldwide are becoming more resilient, increasingly intelligent, and more prepared to take on any change. As part of RISE with SAP, Intelligent ERP solutions can help you achieve the same edge with the latest capabilities, processes, networks, and user experiences across the design-to-operate life cycle.

Our extended solutions can empower your supply chain with greater flexibility and agility. Your organization can make agile, market-driven plans with supply chain visibility, collaboration, and intelligence while running fast, efficient, and sustainable logistics. Manufacturing processes can be streamlined with embedded artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and enterprise wide integration. More important, your systems, people, processes, and assets can be connected as a single, interconnected ecosystem, working collaboratively on a common thread of digital intelligence.

But your story with SAP S/4HANA Cloud does not need to stop there. By leveraging the right combination of extended solutions for your business, you can continue to solve complex business problems and create innovative business outcomes today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

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