Features of Release Insights for SAP Analytics Cloud 2023.22

To support you in making decisions you can be confident in, SAP Analytics Cloud, the analytics and planning solution within SAP Business Technology Platform, offers enterprise-wide integrated planning processes and reliable insights.

Planning and analytics are combined effortlessly via SAP Analytics Cloud, which also integrates with SAP apps and offers simple access to a variety of data sources. This effective solution provides integrated planning and reliable insights so that all decision-makers in your company can act with confidence.

We’ll explore the fascinating highlights of Analytics Cloud Release 2023.23 in this blog. Let’s go over the basics of SAP Analytics Cloud Planning first, though.

SAP developed the business intelligence (BI) software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform SAP Analytics Cloud. The goal of its design is to provide all users with all-inclusive analytics tools in a single solution.

The cornerstone for the features of SAP Analytics Cloud is SAP HANA Cloud Platform, which is where it was established. Decision-makers and data analysts can plan, forecast, and visualize in a safe, cloud-based environment thanks to the features offered by SAP Analytics Cloud. SAP data analytics cloud eliminates the need for users to go between apps or integrate data from several sources in order to do operations like creating reports, in contrast to certain BI systems. Users can work more productively when all data sources and analytics features are included in a single package. The user interface is made to be as simple to use as possible, especially for business users.


Update Suggestions

To take use of all data acquisition kinds, you can upgrade to the most recent version of the SAP Analytics Cloud agent, 1.0.389, however it’s not necessary.

The agent is still running at least version 1.0.75, with the following deviations:

SAP Agent


SAP ERP/SQL Database

Version 1.0.99

SAP universe (UNX)

Version 1.0.365

(additional setup steps are needed; check SAP Note 3262098 for details)

SAP Business Warehouse (BW)

Version 1.0.353


Version 1.0.235

File Server

Version 1.0.248

For more information, see System Requirements and Technical Prerequisites.

Regarding supported features and required updates for the integration of SAP BW with SAP Analytics Cloud, refer to SAP Note 2541557 for further details.

Regarding supported features and required updates for live universe access through SAP BusinessObjects Live Data Connect with SAP Analytics Cloud, refer to SAP Note 2771921 for further details.

Release Highlights

Data Exploration

Enhancement of Data Analyzer Export Dialog:

Users now have the option to choose whether to print repeated member names of a dimension when printing from the data analyzer export dialog. Unless the user has explicitly chosen through the context menu to display member names repeatedly in the table, this option is disabled by default. This configuration is applicable to all export file formats that are supported, such as CSV, PDF, and Microsoft Excel files.

Builder Panel Support for Dimension Groups:

Users can now access dimension group information from the SAP Analytics Cloud model or the live backend in the data analyzer builder panel. The SAP Analytics Cloud model will adhere to its default settings if it is based on a live model; if not, the backend settings will be taken into account.

Data & Modeling

Support for Dimension Groups in the Builder Panel:

The goal is to improve the modeling process’s navigation and organization. By grouping dimensions logically, users may find and examine particular dimensions more easily during the modeling stage.


Print Members of the Repetitive Dimension as Set in the Export Dialog:

The goal is to make exported reports more readable which allows users to remove repetitive dimension members from exported reports, which reduces clutter and ensures a more focused and organized display of the data.

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