How will your business get boost by using SAP?

A traditional business transformation is about changing the whole culture and mindset of an enterprise. It’s about restructuring business processes, and it’s about adopting updated technologies – to unlock new ways of running the business and stay ahead of competitors.


However SAP offer effortlessly implanted in the Intelligent Enterprise to support value-driven transformation from end to end. The new offering, called “RISE with SAP,” brings a streamlined approach to cloud-enabled digital transformation with SAP® solutions. This is a packaged offering that contains a comprehensive, on-your-terms and on-your-timeline transformation to the Intelligent Enterprise.


There are many SAP S/4HANA benefits for businesses, including more cost-effectively, rapidly realize results, continuously amplify transformation value, flexibility, and faster analytics due to the HANA in-memory database. The solution may also be easier to use than ECC and provide an easier transition to the cloud. Following are 12 of SAP S/4HANA’s top business benefits.


  1. Creating New Opportunities

Every sales individual needs to understand how to convert a potential lead into a customer. SAP implementation can give critical insights, pivotal for developing a better sales pitch. The sales team can also boost leads with as they get data about the stage of the sales cycle a customer is in. Therefore, newer opportunities for the business can be tapped.


  1. Well-suited for any business

Each organization having unique identity, as are its business processes. Most of people advice that you need to use standard configuration and avoid customization. This could lower the implementation cost and reduce the complexity of the project but With SAP, you’re sure to find solutions tailored specifically for your enterprise. So without factors like the number of employees you have, or whether your organization is well-established or in the growing phases, “SAP has a wide portfolio of leading ERP cloud based solutions and tools to fit your needs.” Besides, your business can rely on SAP’s 24/7 support teams.


  1. Offers innovative Technology

SAP ensure you are equipped with the right tools and technology that will help you prepare for the future. SAP Software also provides future proof cloud ERP solutions that will power the next generation of business.


  1. Easier to update business models

Today’s models are changing to match up with all business factors including hybrid workforces, customer expectations, advanced technologies and  supply chain disruptions. Earlier in SAP ECC haven’t been forced to change business models But with expanded opportunities to apply data and pivot to new business models, companies can make model changes more easily with SAP S/4HANA. SAP S/4HANA is the one who built from the ground up and accounts for the way companies now do business.


  1. Simpler to bring acquisitions into the ERP environment

Before the era of cloud, usually companies in consumer packaged goods, organization expand into new market or segment and add complementary products to their offerings by acquiring smaller brands or businesses. It take too much time and lot of resources to bring these acquisitions into their core ECC systems. Today companies don’t necessarily have to fold acquisitions into their core, but rather keep them on the SAP public cloud.


  1.  Lower ownership costs

S/4HANA brings functions like Global Available-to-Promise (Global ATP) and master data governance into the core. Fewer boxes to manage means lower ownership and maintenance costs from an infrastructure perspective. The shared infrastructure enabled by S/4HANA allows businesses to move away from bare metal infrastructures that require upgrading every five years. Enterprises can now use public or private cloud deployments, along with SAP’s virtualization, to consolidate their infrastructure.


Companies can realize an 11% to 17% reduction in IT costs, Low estimated, by moving from the old physical infrastructure into the more cloud-native environment supported by S/4HANA. But planning is critical. An upgrade from ECC or any other ERP system, he cautioned, could cause cost overruns if companies don’t properly plan the migration.


  1.  Faster analytical insights

Running on the HANA in-memory database, S/4HANA increases performance exponentially. Its smart data design reduces aggregate tables and data redundancy for greater efficiency. Instead of storing data in a data warehouse and waiting for it to load, the core ERP system now provides analytics and faster insights.


Business transactions and analytics capabilities existing in the same system also speed insights. This lets businesses easily and quickly make decisions and complete business processes in one single application using a single source of facts, without having to switch between systems and applications. It’s a huge efficiency and time savings.


  1.  More accurate forecasting

Embedded AI and machine learning applications are continuing to evolve slowly but steadily in S/4HANA to improve modeling, predictive outcomes and forecasting. A retailer, for example, could use the Universal Data Element Framework for demand forecasting based on historical data and pull in third-party factors like the weather. The retailer could then develop a model capable of predicting the demand for a particular product in a designated region.


  1.  Speedier period-end closings

For financial, a faster database should lead to faster end-of-period closings. Companies can reconcile their accounting in real time and receive reports showing where they financially stand today, S/4HANA also allows businesses to do predictive accounting by applying AI and machine learning.


  1.  Assets maintained proactively

The in-memory database, machine learning and AI allow companies to pair industrial IoT sensors with S/4HANA for predictive analytics, particularly on the manufacturing shop floor, to monitor assets and receive alerts if a machine is malfunctioning. The sensors work 24/7 and constantly monitor vibration, temperature and movement. Depending on baseline measurements companies can predict when a machine needs maintenance or may possibly malfunction to avoid more costly repairs or unanticipated shutdowns.


  1.  Simpler user interface

SAP didn’t abandon its GUI, the familiar user interface for more than 20 years. But SAP did redesign it for S/4HANA to better reflect enhanced business processes. In addition, companies can use the SAP Fiori user interface an HTML5-based (SAPUI5) platform embedded in S/4HANA or available as a standalone module for standard business tasks on iOS and Android devices.


  1.  Tedious tasks automated

S/4HANA provides light process automation so organizations can automate routine tasks such as running reports that previously were done manually, freeing up workers to focus on more productive actions. Robotic process automation tools can also be added to speed and streamline business processes.

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