E-Invoice Implementation KSA
فواتير إلكترونية سريعة وموثوقة من ZATCA

KSA E invoice Webinar | Implement an e-invoicing system
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KSA E invoice Webinar | Implement an e-invoicing system
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E-Invoice Implementation for KSA

GAZT issued the final electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) regulations on 4 December 2020, setting out that it will be mandatory for resident taxpayers to be fully equipped to issue, save and modify e-invoices within 12 months of the notification.

It is important to note that the e-invoicing regulations will attract all the provisions related to a tax invoice in the VAT legislation, and any non-compliance will result in penalties from GAZT.

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Implementation Journey

Timelines of e-Invoice Implementation set out by GAZT

PHASE 1  (as of December 4th, 2021)
Phase  1, known as the Generation phase, will require taxpayers to generate and store tax invoices and notes through electronic solutions compliant with Phase 1 requirements.
Phase 1 is enforceable as of December 4th, 2021, for all taxpayers (excluding non-resident taxpayers), and any other parties issuing tax invoices on behalf of suppliers subject to VAT.
PHASE 2 ​ (enforceable starting January 1st, 2023 in waves) 
Phase 2, known as the Integration phase and rolled-out in waves by targeted taxpayer group, will involve the introduction of Phase 2 technical and business requirements for electronic invoices and electronic solutions, and the integration of these electronic solutions with ZATCA’s systems.
ZATCA will notify taxpayers of their Phase 2 wave at least six months in advance, and the enforcement date for the first target group will not be earlier than January 1st, 2023.​​​

How will Electronic invoicing be implemented?

The implementation of Electronic Invoicing has two main phases:

Phase One: Generation and storing of tax invoices and electronic notes in a structured electronic format issued through an electronic solution, and including all the requirements of tax invoices.

Phase Two: Integration of the taxable persons’ electronic solution used to generate electronic invoices and notes, with GAZT’s systems, with the objective of sharing data and information.

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