Digital Signature for Documents in Finance, HR & POs in SAP

Due to the proliferation of digitization throughout companies, digital signatures are now essential. The business process flow is improved and automated by digital signature without influencing or altering the current process flow. This indicates that the authorized signature may sign the necessary documents immediately even if they are travelling.

What is Digital Signature?

You can sign a form using a digital signature, or more specifically, you can sign the data that was entered into the form. This enables you to check the accuracy of the data as well as the identity of the data submitter. A so-called digital certificate is required to employ digital signatures.

For instance, in a SAP back end, data is only processed if the signature is legitimate (i.e., integrity) and the certificate used to sign can be matched to a person or entity (authenticity).

The Adobe Document Services can check the signature’s validity (ADS). It is necessary to map certifications to individuals when putting a scenario into practice (i.e. in ABAP or Java). ADS can offer the cert chain to make this easier, but it does not come with any built-in mapping tools.

Major Benefits
  • Tightly mapped with SAP’s process flow & controls changes and cancellation
  • One time configuration for document, users, Plant, Location etc.
  • Sends auto Email to customer after signing as an attachment
  • Bulk approval & signing
  • Error monitoring & audit log report is available
  • Integration with third party software & ERP is possible
  • Auto validation of all the digitally signed incoming documents
  • Approvescan digitally sign first page-last page or all the pages in one go
  • A requester can select the position dynamically where signature he wants
  • Fixed position or text can be configured for signing
  • A requester can define how many approves required for a particular document

Key Capabilities

Human resources
  • Automate the entire online offer letter process for recruiters
  • Gain greater visibility into the candidate experience
  • Manage HR documents that contain critical or sensitive information securely
Digital transformation Iteanz Technologies
  • Comply with leading information security and service organization standards, including ISO 27001 and SSAE 16
  • Meet or exceed even the most stringent security requirements
  • Protect highly confidential information by encrypting documents and making them tamper-conspicuous
Customer engagement
  • Manage all aspects of processes that require a legally-binding signature approval for documentation and completion
  • Execute and track the document-distribution process in the cloud
  • Obtain electronic or digital signatures that are fully secure, legally compliant, and acceptable worldwide
Business Consulting Service
Workforce management
  • Streamline and control digital signatures 
  • Replace manual activities with digital, mobile processes
  • Ensure robust compliance and security
  • Speed on-boarding and improve external workforce management

What method you can use?

  • Server-Side Signature Solution using ADS – only for .PFX (For Company Signature)
  • Client-Side Signature using USB Token/ Dongle ( For Individual Signature)
  • Web Service (API) based Solution using dedicated external web server or HSM ( For Individual Signature)
  • Web based Non-SAP Solution that integrates with any ERP (Both Company Signature or Individual Signature)

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Safety and adherence

Keep your data secure and trustworthy while concentrating on your business and client connections. In order to manage compliance and data security in the cloud and within an on-premise data centre, SAP adopts a proactive, preemptive strategy.

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  1. It’s very simplified and effective solution to experience digital transformation in your business process. Iteanz Technologies created it as their own development/ add-on as there is no straight forward standard solution for digital signature using USB digital token.

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