SAP Closing Cockpit implementation
For Titan Company Limited


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SAP Closing Cockpit Implementation For Titan Company Limited

SAP Closing Cockpit Implementation for Titan Company Limited

TITAN Case Studies

SAP Closing Cockpit implementation in their SAP ECC system


Implementation of closing cockpit serves

  1. To move from person dependent closing process to system dependent closing process
  2. To have centralized monitoring process and standardization across all locations
  3. To accelerate closing processes and improves user productivity through automation, workflow, and collaboration.
  4. To create transparency and support compliance by providing a complete overview of the closing status and drilldown to all details
  5. The client wanted closing cockpit implementation to go-live in a month’s time


Iteanz Technologies India Pvt. ltd was partnered by the client for SAP Closing Cockpit implementation in their SAP ECC system. Iteanz Technologies India Pvt. ltd was chosen for the following reasons:

1. Expertise and experience in closing cockpit implementation
2. SAP expertise
3. Simple, effective solution at an affordable cost

Iteanz technologies implemented the closing cockpit by incorporating the required closing process across all locations. SAP best practices were considered and existing processes were streamlined and optimized by avoiding un- necessary transactions/paper work carried out in the business.

This Process implementation provided the confidence to the client in terms of mapping their closing processes in closing cockpit that would allow:

1. Improved accuracy in reporting, tracking, and gathering data
2. Automatic email alerts to employees, managers based on requirement
3. Enhanced monitoring of closing process with email trigger for incomplete tasks
4. Improved insight into critical process points
5. Higher degree of control into closing process

Iteanz’s successful implementation of closing cockpit serves as a significant accomplishment for the entire team and strengthens the position of Iteanz technologies to offer the solution implementation and process improvements to other major players in the industry segment.

Closing Cockpit Implementation helped the client in meeting operational goals that include cutting operational costs, increasing throughput, enhanced monitoring and user experience to cater the demand.


  • Iteanz Technologies helped the client in implementing the solution within the defined timelines
  • Increased efficiency and greater control through standard reporting
  • Lower maintenance and administrative costs via standards-based, single product solution, which is both powerful and intuitive
  • Rapid time to deployment via simple configuration and powerful administrative tools
  • Broad-scale deployment to all users across geographies and time zones via scalable, server-based, enterprise class infrastructure
  • Comprehensive storage ability, which records the history of all tasks performed and by whom, to support audits
  • Move from person dependent closing process to system dependent closing process
  • Improved productivity through improved coordination and collaboration
  • Improved customer information services through a fully integrated system, which allows for a connected enterprise
  • Fully scalable solution that grows with the growth of the organization, without any expensive re-implementations or system migrations

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