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Growth And Established A Strong Vendor & Client Network​

SAP Simplifying and Synchronizing Operations Of Aljomaih Shell

AL & Shell Case Studies 2



Upgrading to SAP ECC 6.0 | New plant Implementation | Solution Manager Implementation | SAP Support | Modification change requests | Custom solutions.


Upgrading to SAP ECC 6.0
Iteanz technologies to meet the requirement of the client successfully executed a technical upgrade of the SAP Landscape SAP ECC 6.0 with the latest enhancement package i.e. EHP 6.0 and ensured the SAP ERP system used by the client is up to date with capabilities to meet current and future requirements of the client.

New plant Implementation
To meet the market requirements and maintain their growth Aljomaih Shell expanded its operations with the introduction of a new production facility. Iteanz team successfully executed an implementation roll out of the SAP ERP solutions to the new plant along with business process in the existing SAP ERP system by updating the enterprise structure of the existing SAP landscape and enabling Aljomaih Shell to have greater control on the business operations.

Solution Manager Implementation

Iteanz Technologies implemented SAP Solution Manager 7.2 to maintain and manage the SAP ERP system of the client. Iteanz technologies implemented the following solutions along with Solution manager to reduce the turnaround time of addressing the issues faced by the client in the SAP ERP system.

The solutions include:
1. Setting up of the SLD Setup
Iteanz technologies executed the implementation of System landscape directory in solution manager to manage the integration system and the landscape of the SAP ERP system of Aljomaih Shell.
2. Implementing the Early Watch Alert (EWA)
It is a diagnosis tool to monitor SAP and NON SAP Systems in the landscape of Aljomaih Shell. The status report generated by the system is updated to the Iteanz team with an automated email notification periodically.
3. The support team at Iteanz technologies monitors and manages the directory along with the early watch application to ensure continuous and efficient operations of the SAP ERP landscape of Aljomaih Shell.

Modification Change Requests
Iteanz technologies team has designed and developed business process and custom reports to enhance the workflow and business operations across SD, MM, FICO modules of Aljomaih Shell. The custom reports include:
– Sample material procurement, sales and stock report.
– Implementation of services sales process.
– Rebate report.
– Arabic text conversion of standard and custom reports.

a)Sample material procurement, sales and stock report:
Aljomaih Shell as a marketing initiative provides sample goods to the customer to promote its products and services. Iteanz team designed and developed a custom solution to improve and manage the process of procurement of sample goods by tracking and recording the movement of sample goods used for promotion of products to the customers of Aljomaih Shell in SAP.

b)Implementation of Services sales process:
Aljomaih Shell provides oil testing services to quality of the products of its customers. Iteanz team developed a custom solution to track and include the business process of oil testing services provided to the customers enabling the management of testing services of Aljomaih Shell in SAP.

c)Rebate report:
Aljomaih Shell gives rebates to its valued customers periodically. Iteanz team executed a report to provide an overview, monitor and record the rebates provided to the customers.

d)Arabic text conversion of reports:
AlJomaih shell required the data and reports to be stored in the Arabic text format. Iteanz team enabled and ensured the standard reports, custom reports and master data is maintained in Arabic text format.

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