Consolidation of IT infrastructure for South Asian Markets

Case Studies

Consolidation of IT infrastructure for South Asian Markets

SAP Enhancing Operations and Growth Of ABB

ABB Case Studies

ECC 6.0 along with custom developed solutions and support for finance automations


Finance Automation| Logistics Solutions | HR Payroll | Manager Dashboards | Financial Analytics | Mobile integration | Knowledge Management

  1. Engineering giant ABB was losing control over its expenses as its in-house legacy applications were inefficient and did not provide real-time data.
  2. The real-time financial data wasn’t available for decision making, as the legacy applications required manual entry and checking. It was difficult to carry out a yearly audit. Additionally, a lot of paper work was needed for supply management, order handling and HR.


Finance Automations
Following are the some of our key projects related to financial automations:
a. Corporate Credit Card Integration
b. Automated Invoice Processing System
c. Outgoing payment processing by Profit Center
d. Payment process integration with House bank
e. E-Payment – Employee expense reimbursement system
f. Travel Management

We have overcome all the process difficulties/ Gaps of SAP Travel Management by integrated custom developed applications to make the application/ tool complete to facilitate the business to handle this process easy.
– Design and development of Travel Agent application to manage ticket bookings
– Design and development of automated self ticket booking tool
– Inclusion of cab and hotel request and more

Financial analytics
With help of Business Intelligence, we have unique reports and BPC architectures to help customer business. Our reports are placed as the complex business decision making tool in more than 3 corporate in India.

Some of the applications/ tools developed by Iteanz Technologies are:
– Financial Risk Management application
– Outgoing payment dues and treasury fund management
– Contract maturity and FX Trade booking
– Ageing analysis dashboards
– Sales and rebate monitoring reports and etc

Manager Dashboards
We have solution to make managers work easy and handle all the processes within a particular process dashboard. Manager dashboards are developed using BI, Visual Composer, Webdynpro and etc.

Mobile integration
Integration of Business processing using Mobile 7.1 is also one of our new generation service offerings under the NetWeaver platform. We actively worked on CRM Mobile integration, Approval/ Rejection by Mobile and etc.

Knowledge Management

We developed Knowledge database using KM. As, a leading SAP Services provider, we have a strong team in implementing knowledge management to store unstructured data such as HR Policies, Product Brochures, Off-line Forms, and etc.

Global employee Identification
ABB as a global player integrated their employee into a network called GEID system, which provides a unique global Identification number for all ABB’s employees across the world.

Compensation Review Automation
An automated and web based application developed for all South Asian operations of ABB to automate the process of Appraisal followed by Compensation Review and Promotions.

We provide L2 and L3 support across all the modules of SAP Business Suite to ABB (GISL) and we have a strong technical team deployed at the client location to ensure continuous and timely support. We are support partner for ABB at Regional ERP Management and Support Center (REMSC).


  • Sales, Payments received / spent, team employee status, etc can be made available in Dashboard with respective processes. Dashboards can be used to monitor the process for example top 10 selling products, top 10 customers, vendors etc.
  • South Asia and Emirates operations of ABB are integrated with the ABB Group’s GEID system into SAP. Iteanz Technologies developed this interface called GEID interface based the global skeleton provided by ABB group.
  • The automation of business data for a manufacturing company can provide seamless integration of data from financial, supply chain, sales and HR functions along with real-time MIS reports can be generated to check inventories, receivables, expenses and profitability statements across all departments and location-wise.
  • Automation of financial data has helped ABB to execute Financial audit on a daily or monthly basis, helping ABB check productivity and revenue per employee on a regular basis.

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