Automation of Business Data For A Real Estate Infrastructure

Case Studies

Automation of business data for a real estate infrastructure

SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to gain visibility and control on operations

Nitesh Estates Case Studies

SAP ECC 6.0 along with enterprise portal, CRM and Business Objects (BO)


Finance and Controlling | Material Management | Sales and Distribution | Project Systems | Human Resources | CRM Sales | Enterprise Portal | ESS/ MSS | Solution Manager

  1. Develop solution which handle all Project Budget, Sales, Overheads, Budget amendment and customer advances and proposes the revenue transaction in one integrated system.
  2. With all existing entries of transaction, handle all manual entire with system.
  3. The collection and ageing remainders enables smooth cash-flow in a business transaction.
  4. It is important to monitor individual entities performance, identify and address the variances to ensure efficient operations of the group.


Automation of Percentage of Completion (POC) Revenue Recognition

Iteanz Technologies develop solution to analyse the entire Transactions of a given project from Project Budget, Sales, Overheads, Budget amendment and customer advances and proposes the revenue to be recognized in books of accounts with respect to Project Completion percentage. It also has provision for manual intervention wherever required and enables execution of Revenue Recognitions process every quarter for all the running Projects.

FORM-16 with digital signature and automated email to employees

Iteanz Technologies developed and implemented issuing of FORM-16 via SAP with digital signature is also inbuilt in every FORM-16 issued to Employees/ Supplier by integrating in Enterprise Portal and enables processing of FORM 16 without manual intervention of authorities.

Financial Consolidation (all companies)

Iteanz Technologies has developed custom solution for consolidation and presentation of financial data of all business units in a fiscal year as per the Indian accounting standards as per the requirement of the top management.

Implementation of e-Payment (Employees Reimbursement Systems)

Reimbursement is made easy with help of applications/ tool developed by Iteanz Technologies. Automated payment process includes, creation of reimbursement request from internet or intranet, approval of the request using workflow. If the request is approved, expense is created in SAP and the same will be processed to employee bank account.

Automation of Collections and Ageing with auto remainders to Finance

Iteanz Technologies developed a solution for Nitesh Estates to automate the Collection/ Ageing information system

Implementation of Budget Control Systems (BCS) with workflow approvals

Iteanz Technologies implemented Group Level budgets and Control for Nitesh Estates enabling the Budget planning at group level for the business units of Nitesh group.


  • This solution standardization of their IT products along with custom solutions that would help them reduce their recurring IT expenditure and would also be conducive to their future growth. 

  • The automation of the system enables Nitesh Finance/ Sales Team to interact with customer with accurate support information.

  • The consolidated data includes (Capital Assets, Income, Expenditure, Fixed deposits, Depreciation and Profit Margin etc.). This solution helps the finance team to present the consolidated data as per the requirement of the top management for decision making.

  • This solutions uses distinctive codes for every business unit of Nitesh Group and enables specfic plan and control to plan and meet the financial requirements of the SBU’s, this solution was developed using single Controlling Area concept for all the Company Codes. The solution is also powered by Workflow Approval Processes developed by Iteanz Technologies.

  • Company can provide seamless integration of data across all business function enabling greater control and increased efficiency.

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