Implement machine learning with confidence

Machine learning technologies in SAP Data Intelligence bring IT and data science teams together by providing the ability to operationalize and manage machine learning artifacts.

Discover and explore data, understanding that data prior to applying machine learning algorithms.

Turn machine learning prototypes into production pipelines.

Bridges the gap between data science, line-of-business, and IT teams. Data scientists leverage their existing tools and use SAP Data Intelligence to integrate, deploy, and monitor.

Ready to get started

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Integrate machine learning into business processes

Extend and enhance any business process with machine learning.

Integrate and orchestrate
Use machine learning operators to integrate machine learning into data processes.

Bring your own model
Reuse machine learning models created on any hyperscaler platform. You can also create new Jupyter notebooks within the data pipeline modeler.

Reuse SAP HANA ML training operator
Leverage SAP HANA machine learning within data pipelines.

Machine Learning Operations

Rapidly transition from machine learning prototype to deployment.

Reuse models
Register models from any hyperscaler in the SAP Data Intelligence data lake.

Reuse operators
Leverage the pre-defined operators to execute Jupyter models, Python or other custom code.

Deploy and go
Deploy machine learning models and execute models within data pipelines


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