A New Era For The Intelligent Enterprise : RISE With SAP

What's Intelligent Enterprise mean?

Intelligent Enterprise term refers to a management approach that consistently applies advanced technologies and best practices within agile, integrated business processes.

Intelligent business, something with sound analytical abilities, the capacity to understand the situation and offer answers, common sense, expertise, and strong networking. But above all what helps business leaders thrive in organization is the same thing that lets business thrive in the market. Ability to learn and adapt quickly to new situations in the market. So, Intelligent enterprise and businesses learn and adapt faster than the competitions and latest technologies let us do this faster, more continuous process rather than ever before.

Here are major step to become Intelligent Enterprise

First step is to understand what’s going on. So that you can make improvements, that’s where business process intelligence comes in. Business process intelligence scans your organization to find out where you have a business process bottleneck or alternatively which best practice should be widely shared and how it works across different systems & applications for different vendors for a true end-to-end view.

You can quickly compare your performance with benchmarks from leaders in your organization. And above all it helps you to make business process improvement, continue the business process itself rather than a series of mutual steps. Solutions such as SAP Business Process Intelligence help you learning, adapting and innovating core competencies of your organization. So once you understand the problem you need to decide what to do about this. That’s where the SAP Business Technology Platform. Business Technology Platform is a cloud foundation of all SAP future applications & innovations. It helps organizations for integration, extension and analytics. You can quickly solve business problems, you can integrate data from multiple systems, create new user interfaces and extend your business process or create new one.

What you can do?

Business people can improve the process themselves using the latest low code and no code environment including user friendly robotic process automation. And everything you need to turn data into business opportunities, a single platform for any kind of data. It’s a kind of DATA Pipeline. So data can be combined only as needed in real time. And review it with analytics, with planning and Artificial intelligence so you can use existing trends to forecast what happened and can create better plans for the future. It’s easy and convenient to use, it’s available as scalable as you go cloud services. This will help you to concentrate on your business, not technology.

Intelligent Suite

Why build something yourself when there are already best practice business applications available. Good business leaders have common sense and experience but business requirements are using integrated suits and ready-made applications that support end-to-end business processes and best practices. And this is an area where SAP has been a world leader for many decades. Only SAP really supports all of the aspects of the complex reality of the economy. Our Cloud applications are modulated, integrated and have a common look and feel, and common metadata module so you can easily start with a single application wherever you get more business value and then if you want to grow or extend your business with new features or applications, we make it easiest as possible. Especially compared to trying to stitch together a path where applications from different vendors. One of the big advantages of the cloud is we can make Artificial Intelligence an integral part of everything we do.

Industry Cloud

SAP has unmatched expertise in more than 25 industries over 30 years. SAP provides innovative, vertical solutions and best practices  that you can access with wide selections of solutions that are easy to explore, buy, adapt and use.

A New Era For The Intelligent Enterprise : RISE With SAP

Sustainability Management By SAP

SAP Product Footprint Management

SAP Responsible Design and Production

SAP Sustainability Control Tower

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All of this will bring us to the Business Network. AP Business Network enables you to collaborate with all trading partners in your supply chain, including suppliers, logistics and services providers, asset operators, maintenance contractors, and more. You can gain unparalleled visibility across all processes in your supply chain and build resilience into your business.

Learn how SAP Business Network can help your business


Improve supplier collaboration

Buyers and suppliers can collaborate to streamline procurement activities with SAP Business Network. With centralized processes and standardized, digital workflows, partners can increase efficiencies, improve compliance, and gain enterprise-wide spend visibility.

Buyer benefits 

  • Provide a unified experience for all trading partners to manage global orders, streamline procurement and supply chain processes, and connect with new partners
  • Minimize complexity for trading partners while reducing costs and increasing compliance
  • Gain a deeper understanding of procurement and supply chain activities with greater visibility into status, trends, and insights  

Supplier benefits 

  • Reduce latency and responsiveness across the supply chain while increasing forecasting accuracy
  • Optimize inventories, reduce working capital, and discover new business opportunities
  • Lower transaction costs by eliminating manual work and reduce up-front setup time with new customers

Optimize forecast and demand planning

Manufacturers and contract manufacturers can drive process automation and collaboration. SAP Business Network enables partners to reduce latency and downtime, optimize inventory levels, and improve supply predictability.

Manufacturer benefits

  • Use proactive insights to reduce risk, avoid shortages, and meet forecasts
  • Eliminate manual processes, documents, e-mails, and spreadsheets to increase accuracy and speed
  • Gain visibility into supplier-managed inventory and co-manufacturer capacity

Contract manufacturer benefits

  • Increase revenue and business opportunities by being discovered by new customers
  • Improve customer satisfaction through value-added services, order statuses, and product quality
  • Strengthen collaboration and view forecast visibility and changes on demand

Enhance equipment effectiveness and reduce maintenance costs

Asset operators and services providers can collaborate on end-to-end maintenance activities. With the use of a single, consistent representation of asset master data, partners can optimize maintenance planning, reduce unplanned downtime, and lower the cost of ownership across the asset’s lifecycle.

Asset operator benefits

  • Ensure you have the right parts at the right quantity and the right personnel at the right time to keep equipment and assets running
  • Make informed decisions and address any downtime issues with a unified view across the supply chain
  • Decrease lost-time accidents by improving safety instructions and controls

Service provider benefits

  • Improve speed and collaboration and decrease costs through efficient planning, scheduling, and execution
  • Simplify processes through automated on boarding and streamlined application of complex rate structures
    Apply digital efficiencies to reduce invoicing errors, add visibility, and improve quality of delivery 

Service provider benefits

  • Improve speed and collaboration and decrease costs through efficient planning, scheduling, and execution
  • Simplify processes through automated onboarding and streamlined application of complex rate structures
  • Apply digital efficiencies to reduce invoicing errors, add visibility, and improve quality of delivery 

Shipper benefits

  • Manage freight efficiency with standardized collaboration and insights
  • Increase situational awareness with geolocation tracking and global risk insights based on digital twins that connect physical and digital information
  • Create a trust chain for upstream and downstream product genealogy
  • Provide logistics visibility and key performance indicators across regions, networks, and applications
  • Promote sustainable and resilient supply chains and transform business models for more flexibility 

Carrier benefits

  • Increase customer satisfaction by proactively providing real-time shipment progress and notifying stakeholders of exceptions and status updates
  • Reduce risk by introducing advanced track-and-trace capabilities and checkpoints throughout the supply chain for greater compliance and safety
  • Use data from every contact point to make each interaction more informed, each process more efficient, and each experience more meaningful

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